Happy New Year + 2012 Review

Happy New Year!
May everyone be blessed with good health and all your wishes come true!

2012 was a great year for me. I met new friends, bonds with old friends got stronger and close friends got closer. ♥(*´ω`*)
Work-wise, it was a rather smooth sailing year too.

Cosplay-wise, I was quite productive with 7 cosplays done. Most of them are simple. wwww
Yoshi said I should make a cos-review too, so I made one.

Cos Review 2012
Faneru - 『モラトリウム』
Faneru (Default)
Faneru - 『おにぎりエトランゼ』
KAITO (Default)
KAITO - 『千本桜』
KAITO - 『Project Diva F 学ラン』
Ranma - 『らんま1/2』

All photos by Alex bro.

One project might be dropped next year. Long story short, a friend backed out at the last minute. Most of the materials were bought and I was about to start work on it too. It's kind of heart breaking to continue the project on my own, but I'll see how it goes as time goes by.

Also, I may skip CF in favour of HobbyCon in Sabah or CWT in Taiwan. Even if I don't get to go to HobbyCon, I'd still wanna go to Sabah to visit Yoshi and enjoy the food there! (*^▽^)

Here's to a great 2013 ahead!
一緒に素晴らしき2013を楽しみに!(。☉౪ ⊙。)ノシ

CF 2012 終わった!(≧∇≦)♪

This year by far was my most fun and best CF in my 6 years attending the event. Even Rai, Mia and Alex thinks so!
Many thanks to Rai for hosting me! (*´ω`*)
Big shoutout to the CF committee and KLCC Management for maintaining good flow and running the event smoothly for both days!

Friday - Reaching Bangsar
I reached Bangsar earlier than expected, so I waited at Old Town with a cup of Milk Tea while waiting for Rai to arrive.

After she reached, we went on over to her place to put down my stuff before running out to meet up with Mia. She came and picked us up at KJ station before heading to Paradigm Mall. We wanted to go to One Utama, but the jam was horrendous so we turned back.

Plurk Tシャツ 届いた! Many thanks to Amber for organizing the group order for us!

We changed into our Plurk shirts before heading for late lunch + dinner.
Happy Plurkers yeay! (≧∇≦)♪

We went to Sushi Zanmai for our meal. The food was good!

Mia thinking of ordering everything off the menu.

DSC00813_.jpg DSC00815_.jpg
DSC00816_.jpg DSC00814_.jpg
My sushi and Kakiage Soba fill!!
We also ordered more sushi to eat coz we're so hungry.

We then headed over to Snowflake for dessert. Mia claimed her free dessert while Rai managed to get a free topping by saying it's raining outside! Hahaha...

My Ochamaru! The sesame balls were very good! But too bad I can't finish everything. ( ´Д`)

We then headed over to KLCC to fetch Alex bro for dinner while Mia went off to meet Tzeling to collect their artworks and goods for their booth. We watched Alex eat as we're too full. ( ´Д`)
After that, we headed our ways back to rest up for tomorrow.

Many thanks to Mia for the presents!! The mask smells good!

Saturday - CF Day 1
We woke up at around 7:30am and waited for Samantha to arrive before heading out for our breakfast and getting our make up ready before going to KLCC to change into our costumes. Along our way there, Alex called to check on our location and offered to let us use his room to change. THANKS BRO! (´▽`)

After we're done changing, it was around 11:30am. We went over to the event location and was greeted by massive long queues and huge crowds trying to get into the hall. ( ゚Д゚)
Many thanks to Ishi for helping us grab the tickets while we're changing! Poor Alex had to queue for 1 and a half hour to get his.

Camwhoring with Rai and Sam because we're random that way.

And then we did an epic mass camwhore where some of us can only be seen with our hands. (。☉౪ ⊙。)

I went into the Doujin Hall to look for Mia while Rai and Sam stayed at the Open Area. At that moment, poor Alex was still queueing. The crowd inside the Doujin Hall was INSANE. But I managed to get my way to her booth and met up with Tzeling and Joling as well. Many thanks for reserving the Nameko and KAITO mugs for me!! (*゚▽゚*)
I then headed back to the Open Area to stay with Rai. We found it strange that we still haven't seen Alex anywhere so we tried calling him. He was still at the far end of the queue and we're shocked. So I waited around for him to get his tickets and meet up with us before going to grab a quick bite.

Fish burger at Dome. Super huge with 2 fish fillets! I left all of the fries alone.

After that, we went into the Doujin Hall again so that he can meet up with Mia. He bought the Saint Young Men badges from her booth! (*゚▽゚*)
After sticking around the Open Area for a while, we changed out to head out for dinner. A&W was postponed for Delicious, but it was closed. ┐(´ー`)┌
So we headed over to Chillis instead.

Anti Clockwise from Right: Sam, Rai, Kas, Ishi, Alex, Sarfael, Suzu, Me

IMAG2934_.jpg IMAG2937_.jpg
IMAG2935_.jpg IMAG2936_.jpg
As the portions were big, we ordered 3 sets to share among ourselves. The 2 men in the group had their own sets.
After dinner, we headed back to rest up for the next day.

Sunday - CF Day 2
We woke at around 7:30am and headed out for breakfast while waiting for Sam to come pick us up to head to Alex's room. This time, we did our entire preparations in Alex's room instead. (。☉౪ ⊙。)
We're pretty chill and by the time we reach the Open Area, it's near 1pm. We managed to find Sumomo and Mia before heading out for tea together.

I had Keropok Lekor. By far the best Keropok Lekor I've ever ate!

We headed back to the Open Area to grab Rai out for a quick shoot together. The amount of people were so massive, hunting for all of us to gather together is like some RPG side quest.

DSC00828_.jpg DSC00830_.jpg
Sumomo and Rai having their shots taken by Alex.
By the end of our shoot, Alex was muddy and grassy. 兄貴お疲れ~!

We called it a day and changed out for dinner. Again, A&W was postponed much to Alex's angst. wwwww

We headed to Ki Ki for some Taiwanese food. It's nice and cozy!

The man behind our photos. お疲れ、お疲れ~!

Clockwise from Left: Suzu, Ishi, Alex, Jin, Sheerin, one of their friends, Sarfael, Cres, Sam, me. Rai was behind the camera.

I had the Sesame Chicken with Mee Sua. The broth is thick and fragrant!

We bumped into Yuanie and exchanged Cos Cards and did a bit of catching up before heading over to Starbucks to chill. Green Tea Frapp!!! (*´▽`*)
After that, we went back to rest up as some needed to catch public transport before it's too late.

This time, we woke up later at 8:45am before preparing to head to KLCC to grab Alex for the long awaited A&W.
We left the house at around 9:30am and reached KLCC at around 10:30am. Alex then went to check out of his room and we headed to TJ for our heavy brunch.

I packed the fish burger as emergency food in the long bus ride home. I can't finish the root beer. ( ;∀;)

We continued to hang out till about 1:30pm before heading over to Bangsar to check in at the Coach Office. Rai then went off for fabric shopping after we boarded the coach.
Traffic jam due to the drizzle! ( ;∀;) And then customs jam at both the Malaysia and Singapore side because it's Christmas Eve! ( ;∀;)
So I reached home at about 9:45pm and did a very quick unpacking and dumping of laundry before showering and grabbing some light bites.

My CF grabs! Didn't buy a lot of stuff and collect a lot of Cos Cards because I hardly moved around the Doujin Hall. Most of my time was at the Open Area. (。☉౪ ⊙。)

The very very cute bear Rai gave me! (*´ω`*)

DSC00848_.jpg DSC00849_.jpg
The key pendant and handmade earrings from Mia! (*´ω`*)

DSC00846_.jpg DSC00847_.jpg
The Nameko sushi mug made by Mia and KAITO mug made by Joling to sell at their booth. They were very hot sellers too! Many thanks for reserving for me! (*´ω`*)

It was a wonderful CF with many fun and FUNNY memories! I miss all of you already.
Let's do so again for next year at Cosfest, CF and hopefully CWT in Taiwan! 皆来年また会いますね!*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Ranma Shoot over~! o(≧▽≦)o

Finally had a Ranma photoshoot yesterday! One of my childhood animes and favourite characters! And one of the earlier planned cosplays that I finally got around doing it.
Many thanks to Yoshi for being my female Ranma! We both revived our childhood memories! o(≧▽≦)o
And big big thanks to Alex bro for always being our photographer. It's hard work dealing with 2 retarded people, but I know you like to deal with our stupidity too. (゜∇゜)

Many crack behind the scenes taken from Yoshi's camera.

We're waiting for Alex bro to process the photos from AFA and the shoot for us at the moment. He's so busy lately.

The funniest part of the shoot was encountering this family having their outdoor family shoot. The father of the group approached us happily and was going "RANMA RANMA" a lot and requested to take photos of us with his family.
When it rained, we ran into a shelter and did crack shots with the wall, he ran up to us to take photos too, saying it's classic. He even offered us some drinks! When we declined the offer, he said "Really? You sure? My drinks are cold~ It's nice!"
He's very friendly and passionate. I think we made his day too, with our shoot. wwwww

AFA is next week!

AFA is next weekend!
Stress free since everything is ready. I'm only left with packing and preparing the accessories.
I'll only be cosplaying on Saturday and just gonna find Yoshi and chill on Sunday after class.
On Saturday, I'll be Gakuran Kaito [Project Diva F] and Yoshi will be Chopper [One Piece]. On Sunday she will be Cheongsam Luka [Luka Luka Night Fever] from the Mikupa concert in March earlier this year.

Light and simple~ I just hope that the weather be kind and the air con be strong in the event hall. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

dsc00733_.jpg dsc00732_.jpg
Pants with the flower motif. (^ ^)

Customized shoes for Gakuran Kaito!
And thanks to this, I have a new pair of shoes for regular use too. (≧∇≦)

Both Yoshi and I are hoping that we'd be as lucky as the time at Cosfest where both days we kept bumping into Reika. And hopefully we'd get to interact with her better this time.
We're also looking forward to seeing Akatsuki Tsukasa too. Yoshi is super excited that she's bringing the Project Diva F cheongsam version of Luka to AFA and is rushing out her costume with full force because of that. (^v^)

Counting down to AFA and CF

It's already September!!!
AFA will be in November and CF in December. Can't wait to see my Malaysian friends at CF! o(≧▽≦)o

Will be cosplaying as Kaito (default) for AFA Day 1. Might just go as a normal attendee for Day 2 as I don't want to skip class, since I will be skipping one class for CF already. ( ´Д`)

For CF, I will be cosplaying as Faneru (default) with Miaka as ASK for Day 1, and Kaito (Senbonzakura) with Rai as Len. o(≧▽≦)o
Somewhere last month, I managed to make Miaka fall into the Utaite fandom. (¬‿¬)
She's now a big ASK fan ahahaha...

And when I showed her Nerutan and ASK's cover of Carnival last month, we both had the same thoughts: LET'S COSPLAY THIS!!!
We were crazy enough to want to make this happen at CF, but we decided not to rush on it and stick to our original plans for CF. We will cosplay Carnival Nerutan and ASK for next year's Cosfest. o(*゚▽゚*)o

We already did some preparations in advance, since we intended to cosplay that image for CF before deciding not to rush for it.

YwqV.jpg U6yU.jpg
My wig (blue) and Miaka's wig (pink).
Both are from FS, and as usual, their quality is LOVE!

I got a little gift from them too. A L'occitane lip balm. ( ・ω・)

Our jester shoes! Will be making boot covers for them since both Nerutan's and ASK's shoes are both not symmetrical in terms of colors.

We also have props to keep ourselves busy, but we'll worry about those after CF. (゜▽゜;)

三日月 茜 (Mikazuki Akane)

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♥ 鳴上 悠(ペルソナ4の主人公)
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♥ カイ=キスク
♥ ジン・キサラギ
♥ ペルソナ
♥ 逆転裁判/検事
♥ ギルティギア
♥ ブレイブルー

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