The Doll Affair 2011

I finally get to attend The Doll Affair for the first time!

For the past few years, TDA kept clashing with other events and I had to skip it until this year. I went with Silvey and and it's our first time attending TDA so we're very excited!

Some of the lovely kids on display by the booth owners

Those bunny ears are very cute!

Sexy boy with his MacBook.

I didn't take much pictures as we were busy running around the hall to find stuff for our kids before the event ends. The event ends at 4pm! We're both very happy with our finds even though we reached there quite late.
Silvey managed to get clothes and shoes for her girl, Alex. And these are what I got for Rei and Armel:

For Rei: 3 SD Size tops from See No Evil (DOA) for $45! This is the best deal I've gotten out of my entire loot.

For Rei: SD Size Cargo Pants for $30.

For Armel: 2 MSD Size T-shirts from Volks for $20! This is one unbelievable deal!

Now both my boys finally have more casual/outdoor clothes! (^v^)/

Little Outing with Choco~

Choco came down to Singapore and brought her 2 girls along~ ♥
So we had a little outing at TCC, with much thanks to Alex, Dolphin and Gilbert for coming down to help us take photos too~ ♥

I love this shot a lot!

My big boy~ ♥

Updated the rest of the doll shots from my camera at my doll blog: † 氷月 †
Waiting for the rest of the photos from Alex, Dolphin and Gilbert~♥

Will be meeting Choco later again to bring her to Atsuki to look at doll items. =D

Icey Moon

I've finally decided to create a blog for my boys.
It's over here at † 氷月 †

Currently not much stuff but will be dumping stuff from the past till present and beyond there. =D

Just a copy paste from part of the entry there:

Mikazuki is my pen name. I used to write a lot but I can't find the time to anymore.
Mikazuki (三日月) means cresent moon in Japanese. The reason why I used that as my pen name is because I was born on a new moon. (Which also answers quite a lot of questions on how my name actually came about lol...)

My boy has another set of new clothes

Got another set of new clothes for my boy over the weekends.
He'd better not angst at me when I get my 360! lol...
Well, I gotta thank this little boy for always being by my side while I play games or surf the net.
Daddy loves you~ ♥

Punk 02

First Doll Meet~

I went for my first Doll Meet yesterday, but I didn't bring my boy along. I went there mainly to take pictures. Thanks to Jeremy for the invite~
The people are friendly and their dolls are all so pretty.

I want to kidnap this boy home hehehe...



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