My Day! (^▽^)

Thank you all for all the well wishes and love~ ♥ 感動しました!♥

I had an advanced gathering with Yoshi, Alex, Nana, Choco and Heal on Saturday at Iroha, since my birthday happens to fall on a Monday this year. Thank you all for coming! ♥


Presents!!! (^▽^)
Clockwise from left:
A customized Miles Edgeworth T-Shirt from the US from Choco + Kerubin + Heal (OMG HAHAHAHAHA THANK YOU~ ♥♥♥♥)
A mug that says "DIET will start tomorrow" by Alex (*laughs* So, are you telling me to forget about dieting? XD;; )
An origami tulip made by Sekiguchi-san (ありがとうございます!)
A personalized birthday card made by Sakuya all the way from Sabah! (I feel your love~ ^3^ ♥)
A handmade Kaito plushie + birthday card by Yoshi (IT'S SO CUTE IT'S LOVELY AAA THANK YOU! ♥♥♥♥)

Yaki Tamago with deer meat, specially made by Sekiguchi-san! (*O*)

Took the day off today and stayed at home like a boss. 8D

And I have Green Tea Cheesecake as my birthday cake!
Green tea and cheesecake goodness! ♥

I'll be busy studying for my Japanese exam that's coming up this Sunday, and prepare to go on to the next level. I joined the class that's one level lower on purpose when I went back to school, because it's been a *long* while since my JLPT exam and resuming to study the language formally. Too much plain-style/informal usage and Kansai-ben over the years has made me really rusty in the proper usage of their proper forms. ^^;;;

After which, I'll resume progress on the costumes that I've planned for this year. With the exception of one that's already completed (and sitting in the wardrobe with 1 more that’s also completed together. OTL) since last year, there's 3 + 1 more that's currently in progress.
I said "plus one more" because it was originally 4 for this year, I suddenly added one more in. Bringing the total plans for this year to a total of 5. ………. Then again, for that said added person, I actually can do one of his collaboration album’s images once my wig is here. Because it’s just a formal shirt + waist coat + black tie + black pants which I already have anyway. Perfect for a photoshoot. So it’s a grand total of 6 now. (Hey, it should be 7! What happened to the other one still emo-ing in the wardrobe?!)
And I really want to blame Yoshi for this. *mumbles* It's ok. I'm passionately in love with this one anyway.

Overall, 1 (2, actually!) was completed since last year, 1 that’s just waiting for a wig and I can go for a photoshoot, 2 from the original plan are 80% done, while the other 2 are at 0%.
I'll be accessories and fabric shopping for them soon! 8D

三日月 茜 (Mikazuki Akane)

Author:三日月 茜 (Mikazuki Akane)
♥ ふぁねる ♪
♥ 鳴上 悠(ペルソナ4の主人公)
♥ 御剣 怜侍
♥ カイ=キスク
♥ ジン・キサラギ
♥ ペルソナ
♥ 逆転裁判/検事
♥ ギルティギア
♥ ブレイブルー

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