It's already March! ┐(´~`)┌

So, it's about 4 more months to Cosfest. I think everyone is already starting to prepare for their costumes already? ← Is working on it but kinda unproductive. ・゚・(つД`)・゚・

I went and lugged this much fabric back last week. It's been a while since I went and grabbed a whole lot of fabric at one go.

I still need to go grab more fabric next week. This is all because of me adding more plans in. ┐(´~`)┌
The good thing is that they are simple and it's for shoots so it's not that bad.
The only color that doesn't belong to this costume set is green. It's meant for another costume. Hahaha...

That bunch of green is related to this pair of glasses here. I managed to find a pair of plano glasses to use~ Yay~

It's for Faneru. A.K.A. the accidental addition to my plans this year.
I'm pretty much making his default image, his image in モラトリウム album, and his images in the 十面相 and パラジクロロベンゼン covers.
← I have no idea what am I doing to myself but I'm loving it.
Well, at least I already have everything I need for モラトリウム anyway. So that's one thing less to worry about. ┐(´~`)┌

As for progress on my other planned costumes, it's not that bad, actually. (´▽`)

dsc00280_.jpg dsc00316_.jpg
Senbonzakura hat and medals.

My wigs arrived yesterday! I love the thickness and the fiber quality! I can't wait to trim/layer them and then test make up soon~
Currently waiting for my other wig order to arrive, and then I'll have more stuff to play with. (´▽`)

三日月 茜 (Mikazuki Akane)

Author:三日月 茜 (Mikazuki Akane)
♥ ふぁねる ♪
♥ 鳴上 悠(ペルソナ4の主人公)
♥ 御剣 怜侍
♥ カイ=キスク
♥ ジン・キサラギ
♥ ペルソナ
♥ 逆転裁判/検事
♥ ギルティギア
♥ ブレイブルー

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