Back From JAPAN! - Part 2 [Universal Studios Japan]

What is going to Osaka without spending a day at Universal Studios Japan?!
So, yes, I spent my whole of day 3 right in there.

The winds were strong, and I waited for the right moment just to capture the flag in the photo. Ya, ya I am silly that way. ┐(´ー`)┌

You'd think the queues won't be that long, considering it's a weekday. It's a Monday when I was there. Wroooong~~~ I queued for about 40 minutes for my ticket. It's not too bad, because by the time I went in, it's also the time the mascots will start to come out to roam the area.

じゃーじゃあん♪ Ticket in my hand♪

The very first mascot I ran into (literally!) when I entered: Woody Woodpecker! I just came out from the locker area when he and Winne ran out of their gates to enter the Studios. Woody even stopped to look and wave at me. (*^▽^)

Winnie taking pictures with the kids. (´ω`)

After grabbing a shot with Woody and the actor who was with him, I made my way to the 4D theater to catch the Sesame Street 4D movie, but did not get a chance to take a picture with Elmo because he's being swarmed by kids AND adults. Cookie Monster was running away (really) and poor Ernie is just standing at the other side. Since the show's starting in a few minutes, I didn't attempt to catch any of them. But when I came out from the show, they're gone. ┐(´ー`)┌

I shopped for a pair of Elmo ear muffs in the 4D store because it's really cold outside and I cannot resist the cute that is Elmo. A staff with an Elmo headband was playing with an Elmo plushie at the counter when spotted me trying on the ear muffs and went "Elmo~♪" and gestured with the plushie's hand to come over. So I went over and played with her for a while before she asked me if I'm gonna use the ear muffs immediately and pasted the "paid" sticker under the headband part of the ear muffs. When I left the store, a staff selling cotton candy outside poked at my ear muffs and asked which Studio or ride would I be going to next. They're all so warm and friendly, it really warms my heart. (*´ω`*)

Then, I made made my way to Woody's Studio for his show. There's still about 15 minutes to go when I reached the Studio, so I joined the queue. A staff manning the queue pointed at my ear muffs and commented it's really cute.

So I told her I like Elmo, and it's really cold. She then took out her pouch and gave me this:
A special Elmo sticker! They really warm my heart a lot. (*´ω`*)
And by that time, I wore my gloves already because it's really very cold.

The inside of the Studio for Woody.
The show is a mix of AR with a real actor + videos, so it's really fun. (≧∇≦)

It was getting a little late in the afternoon already, so I decided to find food before I carry on. And along the way, I found...

DSC01087_.jpg DSC01088_.jpg

And I got very distracted by Snoopy. I LOVE SNOOPY!!!!

He saw a little boy wearing a Snoopy snowcap, so he went over to play with the boy. Aww~ (*´ω`*)

I managed to grab a shot with Snoopy before I went to Snoopy's cafe for lunch.

Fish burger with nuggets and fries, and a I got a hot drink BECAUSE IT'S REALLY COLD THAT DAY. (☍ω⁰ )

I bought a Snoopy snowcap to keep my head and ears warm and continued my journey. There's only kiddy rides in Wonderland, so I started to walk around the rest of the Studios.

DSC01100_.jpg DSC01134_.jpg
The walk of fame.

I went over to take the Amazing Spiderman ride. It was awesomeeeee! While you slowly make your way to the ride in the queue, you'll go through many rooms that were nicely set up for it too.

Took a shot with Spidey and bought the special shot the staff made for me too!

I then made my way to the Back to the Future ride.

I'm going back. Back to the future!

This is the MOST PAINFUL ride ever. It's fun, really fun, BUT PAINFUL. Because the ride really rock you around VERY HARD. (☍ω⁰ )
My snowcap was rocked off my head, but because I tied it firmly to my neck, it did not fly out of the car.

I looked at the board to check out what ride would come next in terms of shortest waiting time, but found that the Terminator ride has already ended. The next one would be Jurrasic Park. So I made my way over.

I'll say this: It really IS a bad idea to take this ride because it's so cold out there. And because it's a water ride. WATER + COLD WEATHER = BAD COMBO.
But guess which idiot went in anyway? Yep, me. ┐(´ー`)┌

BUT! I was lucky in a way. Because as the boat slide down the waterfall, the impact made me jerk downwards, so I didn't get hit by the waters. The guy seated in front of me took everything. And he didn't wear a raincoat. wwwww

And since that was the last ride available, I started to make my way out of USJ. Everyone around the Studios was just strolling around or doing last minute shopping before the shops close for the day.

2B or not 2B?

Sunset at USJ. It's beautiful.

Yes! I want to come back to USJ soon too!!! (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

These are what I bought for myself in USJ. Yes, Snoopy took most of my money!

I bought this for my sensei. I never did ask him how did it taste like. (; ・´д・`)

And that's the end of Day 3 of my 8 Days in Japan.
それじゃあ!(´ ∇`)ノ

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