Back From JAPAN! - Part 3 [Tokyo]

お久しぶりでした!It has been a while! ( ゚Д゚)
I was too busy with work and all, so my HP was literally negative when I got home for the past few weeks. ( ´Д`)
Since today is a holiday, I now have a chance to blog. YAY! ( ゚ω゚)σ
I know some friends are looking forward to the story about my day in Nara because I was swarmed by deers. wwww
But Tokyo day was before Nara day, so that will have to wait. www


Day 4 is a day trip to Tokyo. My main objectives were Hachiko, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree because I didn't get the chance to visit them in my first trip. And because I feel that it will be a long time before I visit Tokyo again (I AM A KYUSHU/KANSAI HEART PERSON TO BEGIN WITH!), so these were MUST VISIT places for me.

DSC01157_.jpg DSC01161_.jpg
Onwards to Tokyo!!!
I took the early train at 6:08am so that I can reach there by 9am. So I woke up at 5am and headed out to Shin Osaka Station. While waiting to depart, everything was dark and quiet and I was so groggy. And then I noticed there's the Sakura line towards Kyushu from Osaka, and I instantly lit up. wwww

Catching the beautiful sunrise in the Shinkansen.

DSC01167_.jpg DSC01170_.jpg
My Eki-Bento breakfast: The Tako Box.
They used the kanji for "Many happiness" for Tako, and the contents were full of Tako (Octopus). I love how they actually put in so much thoughts for a meal. (´ω`)
There's a big slice of octopus, takoyaki balls, and a sausage in the shape of an octopus for all that tako happiness. And then there's also karaage, vegetables and egg along with rice. IT WAS SUCH A GOOD BREAKFAST! wwww

Passed by fields of snow! There's so much snow piled on the roofs of houses, mountains and also the fields. I was hoping it would snow in the areas that I'll visit, but no luck all the way. Oh well, at least I get to see snow from inside the Shinkansen. ┐(´ー`)┌

Shinkansen... Well hey, I didn't get to use it the first time I took the Shinkansen coz I slept all the way to Osaka from Tokyo. And I think I'm fascinated by it because I'm so sleepy and groggy especially after such a heavy breakfast. I really have no idea why I bothered, but here you go. A Shinkansen toilet. ┐(´ー`)┌

On a random note, when I woke up from my nap, I was minutes away from Tokyo Station and Tokyo Teddy Bear started playing on my iPod. I was all "Ooh... Nice timing for the song... OH, WAIT, WHAT?!" *grabs bag from the overhead bin*
And Tokyo is so warm! I actually walked around without my windbreaker on because I'm practically baking with just my hoodie. Such a big difference in temperature compared to Osaka. (☍ω⁰ )

First stop was the Meiji Shrine, since I haven't been there either in my previous trip. And I didn't expect the outer garden that I have to walk through to get to the shrine would be so HUGE. Starting from here, it's about 10 minutes to walk to the Shrine's entrance.

The great "wall" of sake in the outer garden.
See that random passerby who (accidentally) walked into my photo? That's how tall the sake are being piled up, and the "wall" is very long too!

DSC01198_.jpg DSC01194_.jpg
Finally reached the Shrine, and a Kannuushi was sitting there. I asked him for permission before taking a photo, and I am not sure if all that whiteness was his holy light or what...

After doing the Omairi and made a wish, I bought 2 Omamori and left for Shibuya.

The Hachiko Entrance - Named after the loyal dog himself.

DSC01205_.jpg DSC01206_.jpg
Right outside the Entrance, is a wall of Akita dogs dedicated to Hachiko.

DSC01207_.jpg DSC01208_.jpg
And of course, the famous bronze statue of Hachiko himself!
Seriously, no matter how many times I read the story about him, it never fails to make me cry. *pats the loyal doggie*

The famous scramble crossing, and it's just behind the statue. I joined in the walk, thinking I could go across and back in one crossing, BUT NO! As I turned around at the other side to make my way back, the green man was already flashing and I had to run back to where I came from. ┐(´ー`)┌
It was fun, though! To be able to walk in ALL directions on the road without breaking any laws. wwww

I then went back to Tokyo Station to make my way to Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree. The nice Station Staff drew a simple flow chart of a map for me to follow when I asked her how do I get to Tokyo Tower from here, and how to get to Sky Tree from the Tower. (*´ω`*)

Tokyo Tower can be seen right at Hamamatsu-chou Station! ( ゚ω゚)σ

Before I start my walk towards the Tower, I grabbed a quick lunch at the nearby Family Mart. HAVE I EVER TOLD ANYONE HOW MUCH I LOVE FAMI-MA? Well, yeah, I LOVE FAMI-MA!

DSC01218_.jpg DSC01263_.jpg
Fami-Chicki (fried chicken) and tuna mayo onigiri is the best combo ever! (*´ω`*)

DSC01227_.jpg DSC01229_.jpg
There's actually a shrine along the way to the Tower, but I didn't go in to take a look. I did went in for a while on my way back down though, since I need to pass by it again to get to Sky Tree.


DSC01234_.jpg DSC01235_.jpg
More Akita dogs below the tower, and the mascots for Tokyo Tower near the ticketing booth.

DSC01238_.jpg DSC01239_.jpg
I got the combo ticket so that I can go up to both decks. ( ゚ω゚)σ

DSC01240_.jpg DSC01241_.jpg
The city view at 150m of the Tower. Sky Tree can be seen from here!
It seems like they're close in distance, right? In actual fact, Sky Tree is very far away from where Tokyo Tower is.

The shrine that I passed by earlier!

And up I go to 250m of the Tower. ( ゚ω゚)σ

The direction where Rainbow Bridge is. To be honest, I personally don't find Rainbow Bridge that special for all that hype. ┐(´ー`)┌

The direction where Mount Fuji is. IT WAS TOO CLOUDY, SO IT CAN'T BE SEEN!

I then started to make my way to Sky Tree because I wanted to catch the sunset there. I stopped and smell the flowers back at the shrine along the way.

DSC01265_.jpg DSC01267_.jpg
I did say I stopped and smell the flowers. ┐(´ー`)┌

DSC01269_.jpg DSC01272_.jpg
I entered the shrine for a brief look around, and noticed that Tokyo Tower can be nicely viewed from here too. ( ゚ω゚)σ

Onwards to Oshiage Station for Tokyo Sky Tree! ( ・´ー・`)b
This train journey is pretty straight forward, and there's a dedicated exit at the Station, so it's really much more accessible compared to Tokyo Tower.

Once you get out of the exit, you'll see the Sky Tree Town. ( ・´ー・`)b


There's seriously a lot of people there. Yes, it's a new attraction and even Sekiguchi-san told me that the wait can be up to an hour... BUT SERIOUSLY, IT'S A TUESDAY! It's like USJ, where I can never understand how there can be so many people at the odd hours of a weekday. But anyways, I asked the lady controlling the crowd for an estimation for the waiting time, and she said about 50 minutes. I'm cool, I still have time till my Shinkansen back to Osaka. I'm more concerned about catching the sunset! So I quickly joined the queue and hoped for the best.

And the queue was moving faster than I expected! About 40 minutes later, I'm at the main hall where the ticketing booths are, and there's this very nice media display showing you the seasons and culture/practices in Tokyo over the centuries.

Finally! TICKET GET! ( ・ิω・ิ)
And then we're grouped accordingly to board one of the many lifts up to 350m of Sky Tree.

DSC01283_.jpg DSC01285_.jpg
The lift I took had pretty flower patterns, and the lift dramatically turned off the lights and these patterns immediately lights up the moment the doors were closed. And within SECONDS, I am already at 212m above ground!

Que dramatic rush of people going "おおおおお!" as they poured out of the lift the moment the door opens. Sounds like what you watch on TV, but it's real. wwww

DSC01286_.jpg DSC01288_.jpg
EVERYTHING looked like little toys as you watch the cars and trains moving around the city from above. I guess that's how the holy ones sees all of us from where they are.
I kind of regret not taking a video of the life that's going on as usual below, because I was so fascinated looking at all the trains moving to and fro like toys.


DSC01304_.jpg DSC01312_.jpg
The sun setting over Tokyo. Isn't it just beautiful?
I'm not kidding you, I teared as I watched the sun set from Sky Tree.

DSC01319_.jpg DSC01321_.jpg
♪I'm at the~Top of the world~ Looking~ Down on creation~♫
Along the way down, you'll pass by the Glass Floor area of Sky Tree. It's only a very small area, but there's a lot of people hanging around looking down from there. There's just as many people waiting at the side for their friends/family because they dare not stand above the Glass Floor. wwww

With all my missions complete, I'm now on a mission to catch the train back to Tokyo Station for my 7:03pm Shinkansen back to Osaka! I asked one of the staff what's the fastest way to get back to Tokyo Station, and she drew a simple flow chart of a map (I think they love to do that!) for me. I really love all of the service staff in Japan. (´ω`)

Again, we're being grouped to take one of the many lifts down. This time, I get to take the one with the Sky Tree in the clouds.

The decorations around Sky Tree Town lights up as it gets dark.

When I reached Kinshi-chou Station to grab the train towards Tokyo, I was shocked to see that the rapid train is in 3 minutes and the regular train would be in 5. I didn't want to risk taking the regular train, as the rapid skips a few stations and will guarantee that I get back to Tokyo Station in time. And as you all know, Japan's train stations are huge. I ran with all my life and ran up the escalator to hear the dreaded music before the train announces that the door is closing. YOU BET I RAN FOR IT! I jumped into the train as the door closing announcement came on and the doors closed right after me. Someone in the train shouted "SAFE!" and we're all so amused.
I'm serious when I say that a lot of stuff that you see on TV can happen any day, any time in Japan. wwwww

When I reached Tokyo Station, I was actually 30 minute early. So I took my time to shop for my Eki-Bento dinner and waited in the waiting room for my Shinkansen.

DSC01329_.jpg DSC01330_.jpg
Dinner was a Shu Mai Set. I swear, all their Eki-Bento are packed to the brim with food, and they're all so cheap.
I couldn't finish the rice for this one. (☍ω⁰ )

I fell asleep on my way back, and the loud smacking sounds on the windows woke me up. Thinking it could be snow, I quickly pulled up the blinds to check it out.
Oh well... The next time I head to Japan, I'm planning for Spring so that I can Hanami under the Sakura trees.

Next up, Nara! (。☉౪ ⊙。)ノシ

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